Matheus Silva

This is me sporting a pandemic-style haircut at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY

I am currently a fifth-year Ph.D. student in Economics at NYU. I am mostly interested in Econometrics as a broad field.

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Working papers and Work in Progress

  • Nonparametric estimation of multiunit, two-sided auctions (Winner of the third-year paper prize at NYU)

  • (Submitted) Estimating the mixing distribution of a mixed Poisson distribution

  • (Work in Progress) Quantifying uncertainty in ML models

  • (Work in Progress) A fully robust test for weak instrumental variables


  • A simple automatic gardening system with Arduino [Download circuit sketch and code]


  • Instructor and Teaching Assistant - Intro to Econometrics (Undergraduate)

    • Lecture notes

  • Teaching Assistant - Macroeconomics II (Ph.D.), Econometrics II (Ph.D.)